The Wikileaks Documentary

WikiRebels: The Wikileaks Documentary explains what is the controversial news about the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange and the organization he built. This video was created by Swedish SVT, a TV network which has long been documenting the internet activist and Wikileaks ever since the the summer time of 2010. The controversial website was released in 2007 having an objective to change the world through uncovering the established secrecy. is an global non-profit website that posts submissions of non-public, top secrets, and classified videos coming from anonymous news providers. Sunshine Press company, believed a database of around 1 million documents in just 11 months of its launch date.

Present in WikiRebels, viewers will learn about the previous hacking life of Mr. Julian Assange, along with his decision to build the World’s Most Dangerous Website which has struck fear within governments as well as business companies worldwide.


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